Thank you for your willingness to help with translating ASE into your language(s)!

Free Version of ASE – Start Translating Today!

We’ll begin by translating the ASE plugin (stable version) and the plugin description on (stable readme version) into the following languages:

  1. Dutchcompleted and ongoing
  2. Portuguese (Brazil)completed and ongoing
  3. Portuguese (Portugal)completed and ongoing
  4. Hungariancompleted and ongoing
  5. Polishcompleted and ongoing
  6. Urducompleted and ongoing
  7. Chinese (China)completed and ongoing
  8. Vietnamesecompleted and ongoing
  9. Ukrainiancompleted and ongoing
  10. Italiancompleted and ongoing
  11. Swedishcompleted and ongoing
  12. Danishcompleted and ongoing
  13. Koreancompleted and ongoing
  14. German (Formal) – in progress
  15. French (France) – in progress
  16. Turkish – in progress
  17. Bulgarian – in progress
  18. Spanish (Spain) – in progress
  19. Russian – in progress
  20. Romanian – in progress
  21. Other languages

How Do I Get Involved?

You will need to create an account on to take part in the translation process. Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, simply click on your language of choice above and click on either ‘Stable’ or “Stable readme”.

Once you do that, you’ll see a list of strings along with the proposed translation, and when you click on ‘Details’, you can see the translation editor as previewed below (click to enlarge):

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, for the languages listed above, translated strings created automatically using Deepl have been added. Most will be marked as Fuzzy and some as Waiting. Click Details link on each string that needs improvement to edit it and click Suggest.

Pro Version of ASE

As of April 2024, we’re currently focused on translating the free version of ASE into the languages listed for the free version here.

Once translation of the free version for each language are more or less done, translated strings will be carried over to the Pro version, and we’ll begin translating strings only included in the Pro version for that language.

Completed and ongoing: Hungarian, Portuguese (Brazil), Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese (China), Dutch

In progress: Polish, Urdu, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish, Danish, Korean

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